Changes to Nameservers of NY1

Hello All,

Some users have complained having issues with our nameservers : &

If you too are facing a similar issue, Kindly use our alternate nameservers for this node :


Thank You.

22nd Mar 2019
Scheduled Maintenance : 5/11/2016

Dear Clients, Recently we have been notified by RedHat about a serious vulnerability that exists in the Kernels memory subsystem. This issue is very serious, and providers around the world are all currently updating their systems to make sure they are fully secure. Users can gain full access to servers which could cause serious issues. At ... Read More »

5th Nov 2016
Unscheduled Server Update

Dear Customers, We are glad to inform you that as part of our commitment to provide exceptional reliability and service to our customers, XiNiX is enhancing its server infrastructure and hence going to retire ( soon due to some frequent service related issues. We will be moving this server a better ... Read More »

13th Jan 2016
Global Attack on WordPress

Hello Members,Recently several of our clients reported having issues with logging into their WordPress Admins. This issue you're currently experiencing with Wordpress is due to the Global Wordpress attack that has been on-going since the beginning of 2014.A botnet of over 90,000 machines, is attempting to globally brute force and hack into ... Read More »

17th Jun 2015
Happy New Year : 2015

Dear Members of the XiNiX family, We wish you all a very happy and a prosperous new Year. The XiNiX Team.

1st Jan 2015
Change of PayPal Address & Cancellation of Old PayPal Subscriptions

Dear Members of the XiNiX Family,Due to a Change in our PayPal Account, we have Cancelled your Active PayPal Subscription in order to prevent any undesirable payment. You can Re-Subscribe when your Next Invoice is issued for the service.XiNiX is Expanding and to Make Multiple Brands Unified we have switched to a common PayPal A/c. We have ... Read More »

12th Jul 2014
XiNiX Security Update? : Heartbleed Issue

Dear Customer, You have probably heard about the “heartbleed” security issue that was discovered earlier this week. This is a major security bug in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. When we were aware of this issue, we took immediate action to resolute this issue. As of now, we do not see any evidence that this ... Read More »

12th Apr 2014
XiNIX - XRFO/14/2.3/1 : cPanel Updates & Maintenance

Dear Valued Customer, As you may be aware there have been an outage lately where our cPanel server have required emergency downtime as well as issues regarding the ability to edit or add zone files. After further investigation it appears that dnsadmin ships with a bug in cPanel which leads to the servers actually locking up and ... Read More »

4th Apr 2014
Minor issue on LA Node : XINIX MAIN

Hello, Approximately 15 minutes ago our monitoring systems showed that was not responding to ping requests hence your hosting is offline. We are reviewing this and looking into the issue. Please check the network status page in the client area for further updates ( ). We ... Read More »

4th Apr 2014
New Offshore ( EU ) Support Center :

Dear All,A lot of new improvements are underway at XINIX.We have setup a new EMERGENCY HELPDESK SYSTEM ( EHS ) , designed to keep you stay in touch in any case of emergency as required.Clients are advised to use this new facility ONLY when the Client Area is NOT Available.All Communication made vis EHS shall be monitored directly by the XiNiX ... Read More »

17th Mar 2014